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Tree and Shrub Pruning n Atlanta, Marietta & Alpharetta

Pruning is necessary in tree and shrub maintenance for several reasons. Selective pruning helps to ‘open up’ the interior of the plant to allow air to circulate, effective drying and light penetration. Dead limbs are removed and the tree (or shrub) has a neat, healthy appearance. Pruning also reduces the likelihood of pest and disease infestations. A healthy plant is less susceptible to these kinds of outbreaks.

Proper pruning will improve the overall appearance of a tree (or shrub). Quite often the form of the tree is improved by the removal of long, weak (top heavy) limbs. This, of course, makes the tree safer as well. The safety of a tree is an important consideration when there are large, mature trees on the property. Weak, structurally imperfect or crossing limbs should be removed.

Pruning, then, is a fundamental facet of tree and shrub maintenance. Proper pruning techniques are important. An improperly pruned plant does nothing to improve health, form or safety. It most often does more harm than good. In larger trees, pruning is a dangerous task as it entails working at heights and often removing limbs in tight situations.

Trees and shrubs are commonly planted near roads, paths, children's play structures, buildings and various other objects. Over time they may well outgrow their designated space and start to impede traffic (be it vehicular or pedestrian), becomes a hazard to the public or simply become an annoyance; normally these problems can be fixed by pruning.

Pruning the size and shape, whether it's the big oak tree in the little back yard or the overgrown hedge which took over the garden or entire back yard. The number one reason people prune plants (be it trees, shrubs, flowers, grass) is they want them to be healthy and look nice.

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