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Cabling/Bracing Trees in Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell & Smyrna

There are situations in urban forestry when trees and shrubs require external support. It may be that heavy winds have partially uprooted a small tree or shrub. Staking or bracing may be necessary to provide support until they can reestablish themselves. With larger trees, there may be structural imperfections such as weak crotches, which require cabling systems to provide added support to the crown. In some instances, bracing rods may be required to give support to splits. The proper use of cables and braces will provide stability, longevity, improved form and safety.

There are situations where a tree or shrub has become hazardous due to poor structure, uprooting or dangerous proximity to structures such as homes. In these instances, removal of the tree or shrub may be the most viable option. It may also be that a large tree’s roots are causing structural damage to nearby structures. Once again, tree removal may be the most viable option.

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